How to Have Beachy Waves Whenever You Want

Who doesn’t love the flirty, casual beachy wave look that you get from spending time at your favorite vacation spot? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have that look throughout the year, whenever you want? Well, you can!

Goodbye Dry Hair !

Winter definitely takes a toll on our strands. Have you ever wondered exactly whats happening ? Well of course heat damage, over washing hair, and using certain products are factors, but also environmental changes dry out our hair as well. It's OK, its only temporary and we have some tips for you to survive this season !

* When washing your hair , balance…

Extension Hair Care : Quick Tips !

Are you interested in getting extensions? Do you already have them and would like a little more info on maintaining them? Below we have some tips that will help maintain the quality of your new strands !

September is Here!

Behind the scenes with VoMor Hair Extensions


Conditioning Wash often entails ditching traditional shampoo in favor of a cleansing conditioner. Read more to learn about Aveda's take on this growing trend.


Something about late summer has us craving something to liven up the long, hot days. We stare wistfully at our inspiration boards, longing for that dreamy silk tunic, a weekend beach trip—or a Karlie Kloss bob we haven’t been quite brave enough to tackle yet.