September Is Here!


As summer fades into fall and the heat is replaced with a lovely cool breeze, we think it’s only right to make some subtle changes ourselves!


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We had an outstanding extensions class this past Monday and we are very excited to introduce you to VoMor Extensions.

We thought you would like a behind the scenes look into our learning experience as well as a first-hand view on the amazing things VoMor can do!

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The entire salon team now specializes in the 20 minute hair enhancement service. Using 100% Remy hair that comes in 3 different lengths and Aveda colored to match your hair color perfectly, adding hair is now easier than ever! They last up to 8 weeks. The VoMor line brings “hair extensions” to a whole new level. This hair has a truly seamless look, is perfectly matched to your color, and it’s so easy to care for.

Who would be a good candidate?

-          For those with  thin, fine, limp or damaged hair

-          For those looking to try new colors without the commitment of permeant color

-          For those wanting to add length to growth challenged hair.

Adding Length vs Adding Volume

before kimkim after

We added volume using just one box of 12inch VoMor Extentions. 

haley beforehaley after

We added length using 3 boxes of 16inch VoMor Extensions. 



Check out more behind the scenes shots below: 


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If this service peaks your interest, call us to set up a consultation! 404-266-9696