Say goodbye to dry, frizzy summer hair… Hello to shiny, smooth, beautiful fall hair.

Happy New Hair!

As you think about the New Year 2020 ... the many opportunities you would like to explore. We have made one thing e asy for you. Deciding on your new look for the Best You going into 2020.

Fall is in the HAIR!

You know that summer is coming to an end when the pumpkin spice latte is already back! Before you know it, you’ll be dressing in layers and binge watching your favorite Netflix show at home rather than going out. Read more...

Why Balayage is a Great Choice for Natural-Looking Highlights

What is Balayage? First off, let’s work on the pronunciation: bah-ley-ahzh. If you guessed the word sounds French, you guessed right! It is a French word meaning to sweep or paint and the hair is actually hand-painted in freestyle motion to create beautiful, natural-looking highlights without the use of foils or caps. The technique first began in France in the ‘70s, man, and has been around ever since. What is so great about this technique is that it’s low maintenance and it can be applied to any hair length or color.

Perms. Big, Beautiful, Bouncy Perms.

Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Jennifer Beal in Flash Dance. Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally. What do all of these iconic leading ladies have in common? Perms. Big, beautiful, bouncy perms. How about Emma Stone, Blake Lively, Olivia Munn, Jenna Dewan, and Gigi Hadid? You guessed it! Perms.

Beaded Hair Extensions are Great for Everyone

Are you happy with your hair or do you wish that you had hair like your favorite movie star? Well, chances are that your favorite movie star has professional hair extensions, so don’t be so hard on yourself. The great news is that you can absolutely have glamorous, thick and healthy hair with our line of Bombshell Extensions that we are now offering at Craig McQueen Salon in Buckhead.

4 Summer Hair Care Tips You Need Now

After a long, cold winter, it’s time to look forward to summertime and the promise of fun-in-the sun that it brings. But as much fun as it is to lounge around the pool, surf the ocean waves, ski on the lake or float along a lazy river, the sun can wreak havoc on your hair, especially color-treated or chemically processed hair. We have put together these easy steps to help protect your color and the condition of your hair during the hot summer months to keep it looking healthy and beautiful.

How to Have Beachy Waves Whenever You Want

Who doesn’t love the flirty, casual beachy wave look that you get from spending time at your favorite vacation spot? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have that look throughout the year, whenever you want? Well, you can!

Goodbye Dry Hair !

Winter definitely takes a toll on our strands. Have you ever wondered exactly whats happening ? Well of course heat damage, over washing hair, and using certain products are factors, but also environmental changes dry out our hair as well. It's OK, its only temporary and we have some tips for you to survive this season !

* When washing your hair , balance…

Extension Hair Care : Quick Tips !

Are you interested in getting extensions? Do you already have them and would like a little more info on maintaining them? Below we have some tips that will help maintain the quality of your new strands !