Fall is in the HAIR!


You know that summer is coming to an end when the pumpkin spice latte is already back! Before you know it, you’ll be dressing in layers and binge watching your favorite Netflix show at home rather than going out.

Warm and cozy is always the move for colder months, but the same doesn’t have to be said for your hair! While rich brunettes and vibrant reds always make their appearance in the fall, this year is predicted to lead into cooler months with more dirty blondes, or bronde, as well as cool toned brunettes. The rooty look is also making a huge appearance.

Here are a few of our favorite upcoming fall trends:


So how do you go about transitioning your color into fall?

DEMI! Demi shades can be used for blondes or brunettes to tone down the brightness of your hair or add tonal value to what you already have. Demi shades are translucent and provide a great deal of shine to your hair. The best part is they do not last as long as permanent shades do, so you can easily transition back into what you had before. It provides demi-permanent change to the hair, so that you can transition into different seasons just as the weather does.

Redken shades work great with blondes when adding tonal value. For example, a bright, pale blonde can easily transition into a cool toned, dirty blonde with out having to commit to it long term. Aveda demi works wonders on brunettes and cuts warmth with ease. A warm brunette can transition into a cool, beige-y brunette in 20 minutes or less with the Aveda demi line.

Another hot trend is MUSHROOM brunette or blonde. It is a mix up of cool tones and warm browns. It stands out in any crowd and is a for sure attention grabber. This look involves lots of dimension and we are in love with the look.




A consistent fall favorite are warm colors. Spicy, rich, vibrant red tones like Cinnamon or Auburn can add dimension and brightness to any shade of brunette. Pictured below is a beautiful warm color created by our very own @joellesterkowicz.


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