It’s blonde season!

 Whether you’re going for golden locks or an icy platinum look, we can help you achieve the blonde of your dreams.


What kind of blonde do you want to be?


Blondes come in many different variations and tones. Read on for more info on a few of our favorites!


  • Platinum
    • Pale, sleek and silvery. Platinum blondes offer a unique and ashier look that are guaranteed to be a stand-out in a crowd.

  • Strawberry
    • A mixture of red and blonde, this bright hair color is best suited for someone going for a more peachy and fun style.

  • Golden
    • Warm, chic, and buttery. A classic and timeless color, golden blondes make for hair fit for a movie star.

  • Bronde
    • A combo of brown and blonde, this hair color gives a more natural feel while still providing the brightness that blondes have.

  • Dimnesional
    • Given the name, being a dimensional blonde gives your hair movement, depth, and dimension!




Different blondes are suited for different people, and there are many options to explore!


Our Stylists’ Favorite Homecare For Blondes


Let’s go over some products that will keep you vibrant and fresh in between appointments.

– Aveda –

Blonde Revival Line

Aveda’s vegan and sulfate-free formulas make for great home care products, and this line is no exception. Blonde Revival is a purple toning shampoo and conditioner designed to eliminatebrassy tones and give your hair the salon fresh look right from your own shower. You can rely on this product to revive your blonde and give you the confidence to let your hair down (and it smells fantastic too).

Nutriplenish Line

Keeping your hair hydrated and moisturized is a key component in having blonde hair. You’ll want to find a product to rotate into your hair care routine along with your purple shampoo. Aveda’s Nutriplenish line is a thirst quenching, softening product that leaves your hair feeling healthier and stronger after each use. It’s a go to for all hair types and textures, sold in light and deep formulas.

– Oligo – 

Blacklight Violet Shampoo

Oligo’s Blacklight violet shampoo is a classic homecare product you can’t go without. Formulated for lightened and blonde hair, this product is designed for color protection and adding shine to your hair, all while canceling out the unwanted brassy and yellow tones you might encounter between salon visits. If you’re going blonde, consider adding Oligo into your homecare routine.

All products mentioned above can be found at our salon for retail sale. Ask your stylist about the products at your next visit with us!


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