Beaded Hair Extensions are Great for Everyone

Are you happy with your hair or do you wish that you had hair like your favorite celeb? Well, chances are that your favorite celeb has professional hair extensions, so don’t be so hard on yourself. The great news is that you can absolutely have glamorous, thick and healthy hair with our line of Bombshell Extensions that we are now offering at Craig McQueen Salon in Buckhead.

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As an Aveda Salon in Buckhead we bring you only the best, and Bombshell Extensions and JZ Co-Z Hair are the best hair extensions you will find. CMQ Salon uses the Habit Salon technique for different types of hair extensions such as hand-tied wefts, machine-tied wefts, and natural beaded wefts. We specialize in them all but favor the beaded wefts that are applied with beads and sewn in between the beads to make sure there is not too much tension on the hair. These are the least damaging hair extensions available today for all hair types, especially fine or thinning hair.  

The different types of hair extensions give you a choice: Machine-tied wefts are generally the most widely used and are thicker and bulkier than the hand-tied wefts which are lighter and fit closer to your scalp. Both types of hair extensions can last up to eight weeks, but the beads can be loosened and pushed up with new natural hair growth. Also, the beaded weft’s hair can last up to twelve months if properly taken care of, so there’s no need to buy new hair each time you come in.

The removal of the beads is as simple as loosening the beads and removing them without pulling out or damaging your natural hair when you need a root touchup or want to change your hair color. This is most beneficial in helping to promote damaged hair regrowth and why beaded hand-tied wefts are generally the best hair extensions for very fine thin hair, making them safe hair extensions for thinning or fragile hair.

With these extensions, your hair will look fabulous, and it will also have the ability to revitalize. Anyone can benefit from the natural looking beauty hair extensions add to your look, even if you are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair. CMQ Salon has trained professionals who studied at the renowned Habit Salon in Arizona and specialize in the application of natural beaded hand-tied wefts so you can have longer, fuller, healthier hair using hair extensions that are safe for all hair types, including damaged or thinning hair. 

CMQ Salon in Buckhead believes in a healthy environment, healthy products, and a healthy and beautiful you. If you ask yourself: “where are the best hair extensions near me?” the answer is, hands-down, Craig McQueen Salon on Roswell Road in Buckhead. Aveda Invati products + Bombshell extensions = beautiful you!

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