Extension Hair Care : Quick Tips !

Washing and Conditioning : 

When first getting them applied you should wait 2 days (48 hours) before washing .

* Detangling Brushes are a key to extensions. Always brush and detangle evenly, root to scalp before washing. 

* Always use an approved shampoo and conditioner from your stylist.  Never place conditioner on the roots/bond of extension. Mid-shaft is best ! 

* Towel dry hair in a blotting method . Brush hair with the detangling brush once it’s almost dry. Placing your hand on your scalp where the extensions are located is helpful as well . 

Bedtime and On the Run Styling : 

* Your bestfriend is the detangling brush, it will be used to prep for styling. If you feel your hair isn’t that tangled, you can gently use your fingers for detangling. 

* A light ponytail or a single braid in a ponytail holder is suggested. 

Pool and Beach : 

* Before entering chlorine or salt water, always detangle hair and soak it in normal water first.

* Apply a leave in conditioner or a light conditioner to provide a barrier . 

* Your bedtime styling would be perfect to do after prepping your hair. 

* Immediately wash out everything once you are done with your water fun ! 

Extra Tips: 

* Be careful with styling aids that have alcohol. You never want to apply these directly to the bonding of your extensions. Alcohol can loosen the bond . 

*Avoid applying oils and other products that will interfere with the texture of the hair and also the bonding of the extensions. 


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