Why Balayage is a Great Choice for Natural-Looking Highlights

What is Balayage?

First off, let’s work on the pronunciation: bah-ley-ahzh. If you guessed the word sounds French, you guessed right! It is a French word meaning to sweep or paint and the hair is actually hand-painted in freestyle motion to create beautiful, natural-looking highlights without the use of foils or caps. The technique first began in France in the ‘70s, man, and has been around ever since. What is so great about this technique is that it’s low maintenance and it can be applied to any hair length or color.  

What Look Does Balayage Provide?

Beautiful, natural looking highlights is what you will get. You have probably seen this application on many of the A-listers in Hollywood and admired their hair. Balayage highlights provide subtle highlights like you get after spending a week on the beach during summer vacation. The highlights seamlessly blend into your natural hair and the growing out process leaves no definitive demarcation lines as with foil highlights.  But if you think you can hand-paint your own hair, well, it can get a little complicated, so it’s best left to our balayage stylists at Craig McQueen Salon in Buckhead.

Are There Ways to Achieve a Balayage Effect Without Doing Balayage?

Yes, there are ways to achieve this look and it’s easy for our balayage experts at our Buckhead hair salon. If you have traditionally highlighted with foil but your roots are growing out and you want more natural-looking roots to blend with your foil highlighted hair, adding a Shadow Root will seamlessly blend your hair and catch it up to root grow out. You can also opt for a reverse balayage to catch your roots up to your highlighted hair as it grows out.

I Have Never Heard of a Shadow Root: What is it?

These days it’s uber cool to have visible roots. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Chrissy Teigen have been known to rock this trend with a variety of hair colors. That’s where the Shadow Root process comes in. You can go conservative or add translucent, delicate shades to your roots to blend in with your highlighted hair. This process can be done on any color hair and it’s up to you regarding how saturated or translucent you want them to be! It’s also a great way to have the roots blended in with previously foiled hair for a more natural look as hair grows out.

Now that you know all things Balayage, you want to keep your hair looking as if you just stepped out of Craig McQueen Hair Salon. Our Aveda Color Conserve Set offers Shampoo, Conditioner, Strengthening Treatment and Daily Color Protect leave-in treatment to keep your hair beautiful and on trend!