Conserving Hair Color : Four Keys To Vibrant Color !

Conserving Hair Color : Four Keys To Vibrant Color !

Hydrate your hair :  Deep conditioning mask seal colors and shine. Once a week apply this to your routine. Dry hair loses color ! 

Limiting Sun Exposure : Preventing environmental damage is a must ! Stay protected from direct sunlight with a hair shield spray containing UV filters

Avoid Hot Water :  The best temperature for washing hair is lukewarm. To seal conditioning you can rinse with cold water if bold enough ! 

Professional Hair Gloss : Glosses offer shine, tone, and depth. It’s a great way to seal your new and/or existing color. A professional gloss is another way to protect from environmental damage as well. Ask your stylist if the Add-on is right for you ! 

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**TIP** Have you tried dry shampoo !?!  Flipping your hair over when applying the shampoo to the roots, allows it to soak up oils. This will keep your color and hair fresh and summer ready for any adventure ! 

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