Goodbye Dry Hair !

Winter definitely takes a toll on our strands. Have you ever wondered exactly whats happening ? Well of course heat damage, over washing hair, and using certain products are factors, but also environmental changes dry out our hair as well. It’s OK, its only temporary and we have some tips for you to survive this season !

* When washing your hair , balance out how many times you need to wash and use the proper products to retain your hairs natural oils. This season is perfect time to introduce a deeper conditioner. Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment is a great in between salon service treatment you can use at home. 

* Always use a protectant before styling out and/or air drying your hair.  We recommend our current favorites : Speed of Light Blow Dry Accelerator Spray and Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair . The daily hair repair is perfect for dry and cold styling and the accelerator cuts the blow dry time and seals the hair cuticle. These are the perect winter weather preppers !

* Final Touches to your hair can seal moisture as well . If your needing a little more shimmer to your hair style routine, try Brilliant Spray On Shine ! It adds shine while taming frizz ! 




*  Proffesional Mask available in salon , ask your stylist for details on your next visit *