CO-WASH: Babble wrote about it years ago. The ladies over at XOVain love it, and Today thinks it will lead to the extinction of Shampoo altogether.


If you’ve spent time on Pinterest over the past year you’ve probably heard of Co-Washing. Odds are that you already know that “Co-Wash” is simply shorthand for “Conditioning Wash”, and often entails ditching traditional shampoo in favor of a cleansing conditioner.

Be Curly Co-Wash

The part you might have missed? The history! This methodology has been around for a while: Chaz Dean’s Wen haircare has been around since the 90’s, and the method itself is very popular with people textured/curly hair. The “No ‘Poo” movement has been gaining momentum as photos of Pantene-worthy hair pop up across Pinterest with inspirational captions about moisturized tresses and frizz-free locks.

If you love the way you look with next-day hair, or even if you just like skipping a day or two (or three, or four) between shampoos, Co-Washing can be a great addition to your routine. So if you have dry hair, color-treated hair, curly, coily, wavy or textured hair, give Co-Washing a try! Aveda makes an incredible Co-Wash using Plant & Flower Extracts that smells amazing – and it’s available for purchase at Craig Stewart Salon or online.